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Optimize the utilization of your network licenses


raise Productivity

optimize and allocate Cost

ensure and record Compliance

SECOPTENA - we support License Managers

- to establish a corporate license management for network licenses
    (Concurrent Use / Floating Licenses)

Most business processes of enterprises heavily rely on commercial standard software. The implementation of these business processes with information technology (IT), is primarily focussed on the competitive advantage for the core business. The manner and the scope of the utilization of this software is governed by license contracts or End User License Agreements (EULA) between the manufacturer of the software (licensor) and the enterprise (licensee).

In particular in engineering environments the software cost per workstation is quite high. As a result a license model is typpically applied for these kinds of applications where several users or workstations share a software license, a so called network / concurrent use / floating license.

The process of selecting and purchasing such software applications is focussed mainly on the benefit for the business.

At the same time such an IT solution has to be permanently available and implemented cost-effectively and the usage has to be compliant to general and internal policies.

As a consequence this causes competition in three major topic areas:

Productivity - Cost - Compliance
Productivity - Cost - Compliance

The cost factors as well as the potential risks of  compliance issues and interuptions of the production process justify the implementation of the responsible corporate role of a License Manager to care about these topics.


Tasks of the License Manager


  • Implementation of a corporate License Management System
  • Generation of License Balance Sheets and Compliance Reports
  • Active involvement in the procurement process
  • Cooperation with the purchsing department and the functional divisions
  • Improvement of data quality
  • Implementation of standard tools for inventory and license management
  • Preparation and execution of software audits
  • Generation of GAP analysis
  • Controlling and reporting of license inventory
  • Optimization of the entire Software Lifecycle Process
  • Improvement of processes for requirements, budget planning and procurement of licenses

SECOPTENA supports License Managers to sucessfully master this broad rangs of tasks:

Our Offering


We support you in analyzing your processes regarding the utilization and the management of software licenses and point out ways for optimization.

In addition to our own portfolio of know-how we are always open to call in other experts. Based on decades of experience in IT industry we use the SECOPTENA network to integrate customers and know-how carriers in our approach to create valuable solutions.


We are happy to carry on. With a portfolio of tools and services we support enterprises in optimizing and securing their business processes.

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News & Events

Sehr geehrter Kunde,

wir ergreifen mit unserem Newsletter die Gelegenheit nochmals auf das OpenLM Summit 2017 in Mannheim hinzuweisen. Mit Oren Gabay kommt auch dieses Jahr der CEO von OpenLM nach Deutschland und steht unseren Kunden und Interessenten Rede und Anwort. Nutzen Sie die Gelegenheit direkt mit dem Gründer einer der erfolgrichsten Unternehmen im Lizenzmanagement für Netzwerklizenzen zu diskutieren. Melden Sie sich über den angefügten Link direkt an.

In diesem Newsletter finden folgende Themen:

• OpenLM Summit 2017 in Mannheim

• EPLAN Unterstützung durch OpenLM

• OpenLM Testunterstützung

OpenLM hat am 30. Mai 2017 parallel einen internationalen Newsletter veröffentlicht den Sie unter diesem Link nachlesen können.

Viel Spaß beim Lesen wünschen Ihnen

Bernhard Gölitz & Stefan Ritter

Leipzig, 02. November 2016 – Die DeskCenter Solutions AG, Anbieter von Lösungen für das IT Lifecycle Management und die SECOPTENA GmbH, Dienstleister und Lösungsanbieter für IT-Governance und IT-Compliance, haben eine Lösungspartnerschaft vereinbart. Im Rahmen der Kooperation wird OpenLM, eine Spezialanwendung für das Management von Netzwerklizenzen, in die DeskCenter Management Suite eingebunden. Die Integration wird die Verwaltung aller gängigen Lizenzmodelle über eine Oberfläche spürbar vereinfachen.

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